Specialty $99

This upgraded service provides you with a one hour Facial or Back Facial per month.  It  includes;

*  TWO modalities during your service as an add on. 

*  You may choose one of the following signature treatments;  Fire & Ice, Paraffin, f you choose a different service, your dollar amount credit of $99, may be applied to that service. .  This allows you to have rollover options if you want to use them toward different services. You may gift these services to another at any time for $10 transfer fee. 

Members also receive;

  • 10% OFF product 
  • 20% OFF Aesthetic services
  • 10% OFF Medical Aesthetic services
  • Membership referral fee 

Fluff and Buff: $49

 This membership is a perfect plan for those who need to budget their life’s pleasures. Every month this amount accumulates and stays on your account until you decided which service you will like to do. This is a roll over financial agreement. While on this membership you may also receive these member perks;

  • A 60 minute Facial or Back Facial for $49  (regular $79)
  • 10% OFF all retail items 
  • 10% OFF Medical Aesthetic Services
  • 20% OFF all other Aesthetic treatments 

You may gift your credit to another for a $10 transfer fee. 

Member/Client Referral Program

  • Every NEW member you refer, receive a $49 credit on your account for future spending.
  • Every NEW client you refer, receive $25 credit on your account for future spending. 

             * Member or client’s name must be mentioned at first visit to receive New Client Credit*

Each membership is a 6 month term and a 30 day cancelation. Your packages will still be on your account for 3 months, after your last draft. You may transfer packages to others at any time.  Freezing your membership is an option, there is no monthly freeze fee. Member discounted perks are not available during a frozen months but credits may be used or transferred.